Thursday, October 28, 2010

My battle with Chicken

Today I finally accepted that chicken and I are enemies. I cannot stand the sight, smell or taste of it any longer. As a former dedicated chicken eater I am truly saddened by this new disgust in poultry. I am currently at 12 weeks and 3 days and am told that my baby Wolf pup is now the size of a peach. I love going through all of the different fruits week by week, although I am not sure how it will feel once I am the size of a watermelon.....

This week has been pretty rough, I have been feeling really sick at night and find it hard to eat much of anything. I am trying to get to bed as early as possible and am apparently sleeping like a log (even though it doesnt feel like it).

I am also finding that my wardrobe is no longer fitting me. This is a sad day for Lindsey's Closet. I have had to pack away all of my cute tops, jeggings and designer frocks that I love so much. See you in 2011!! A much needed day of shopping is immanent and I know Sid knows this. He cannot hide from the fact that Lindsey needs to shop. I'm sorry my love, but yoga pants and too tight tops are not going to cut it for this fashionista.

I am going to attempt to eat a pumpkin cookie. That is all for now. Mommy out!